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Work at the leading hospitals in the United States.  Expand your knowledge, advance your career, and immerse yourself in a new culture.

Unleash Your Nursing Potential in the USA: Seize the Rewarding Career You’ve Prepared for

After years of dedicated preparation, you are now equipped for one of the most fulfilling and demanding professions – nursing. With your comprehensive medical education, extensive training, and valuable certifications, you possess the expertise needed to navigate the dynamic and evolving healthcare landscape. Today, the doors are wide open for your greatest opportunity yet – embarking on a thriving nursing career in the United States.

However, the question remains: Where do you start?

As you strive to secure a nursing position in the United States, you may find yourself wondering about the best way forward. The stories of both triumph and disappointment among international nurses seeking employment in the US can be overwhelming. In this crucial juncture of your nursing career, it becomes crucial to identify a trusted source that can provide reliable guidance and support.

We understand the overwhelming nature of the process to become a nurse in the United States. With our extensive experience of over two decades, we have successfully placed international nurses, like yourself, into sought-after, long-term nursing positions across the US. Our team traverses the globe in search of nursing professionals who are prepared for fulfilling healthcare careers in the United States.

Crafting a Strategy Together

We understand that navigating the complexities of visa options, sponsorship, and licensure can be a daunting task. At JV Global Nurses, our dedicated team works closely with you to address these challenges and facilitate your journey to the United States as efficiently as possible. Our experienced recruiters ensure that you are well-informed about the necessary requirements and accreditations needed to transition smoothly into medical facilities across the US. With a tailored system designed to provide comprehensive support and preparation, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of pursuing a nursing career in America.