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Finding and Placing Top Philippine Healthcare Professionals

Having helped over 5,000 Filipino nurses in making their American dream a reality, with many more joining every month. With our offices in Houston, Texas & the Philippines, and a team of professionals, it’s no surprise we’ve left the competition behind. We partner with over 80 established organizations in the US that share the same vision of making working overseas more accessible, affordable and easier for Filipino Nurses. Would you like to join them?

JV Global matches registered nurses with international nurse jobs in US hospitals and healthcare facilities to alleviate the nursing shortage in the United States. You will receive a green card, a competitive salary, and benefits through a direct hire long-term contract

We are on the lookout for dreamers, doers, movers, and shakers. If you love what we do and want to help spread the word, join our Referral Program  today. Whether you are a social media guru, own a website or blog or whether you just want to spread the word about our experiences among your friends and neighbors, get compensated for each visitor you recommend who becomes a qualified nurse. We call it the Triple-Win; your contact is hired to work in the US, you are compensated for the referral, and we enable the realization of yet another American Dream


New RN's needed in the US every year


Nurses will Retire by 2030

Is there a need for nurses at your organization?

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One health care worker at a time, we help make dreams come true.

JV Global takes its role as a provider of United States career opportunities for Filipino-trained healthcare professionals very seriously. Working in such a critical industry and on behalf of the most selfless profession in the world entails enormous responsibility. Whatever your version of the American dream is, JV Global can assist you in making it a reality.

Our Expertise

We supply staff to hospitals, surgical centers, cancer treatment centers, and other facilities on a contractual and as-needed basis. While we prefer to deal directly with our clients’ facilities in order to develop productive partnerships, we do work with many of our clients through Multiple Service Provider (MSP) agreements.

​We check and qualify every professional before introducing them to our clientele. License verification, background checks, drug screenings, work references, and competency evaluations are among the services provided. We keep our providers up to date on relevant competency assessments as they become available; the Covid-19 assessment is the most recent examination required by JV Global Nurses.

Meet Our COO

Anne R. Brussett



What Our Nurses Say About Us:

“The entire procedure has been stress-free and professional from the beginning. Every person I’ve spoken to has gone above and beyond to help me. JV Global excels with communication, and I appreciate the phone calls to confirm schedules and pay rates. My recruiter Ivan is really honest and up front, which I appreciate. Everything is explained to you in detail!”

Jed T., RN

A Company with both business and humanitarian goals in mind

With the help of JV Global, Philippine healthcare professionals have the chance to work at world-class facilities in the United States. It is our job to help millions of patients across America and healthcare institutions find long-term solutions to staffing shortages.

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