Immigrating to the US as a Nurse in 2023


According to NurseJournal, nursing has long been a sought-after career, with almost every major hospital hiring for one of the most crucial positions in healthcare. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be an average of 203,200 opportunities for registered nurses between 2021 and 2031. Many of those positions are anticipated to be brought on by the need to replace workers who change careers or leave the workforce due to retirement. In 2023, moving to the USA as a nurse can help you financially, professionally, and in terms of nursing chances for higher training. This offers foreign nurses the ideal opportunity to apply for a direct-hire nursing profession with a healthcare organization in the country and live and work there.

What is the typical pay for foreign nurses in the U.S.?

A career in nursing can change others’ lives. It offers a wide range of specialties that give nurses many opportunities to progress and take on more responsibility. In addition, income is dependent on education and experience and differs significantly around the country, often depending on the local cost of living. Urban places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston often have higher salaries. Still, these areas often have higher costs of living, which applicants should consider when choosing which state or city to move in.

Taking the NCLEX-RN exam is the first step.

Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam) and continuing to work as an in-patient bedside nurse is the most crucial criterion for nurses from all over the world who want to immigrate to the United States. The NCLEX-RN exam assesses a nursing graduate’s readiness to practice nursing. The exam is given in person at authorized NCLEX international test facilities worldwide. All nurses must pass this exam to practice as registered nurses in the United States.

2023 Nursing Trends

By 2023 and beyond, the nursing shortage is anticipated to worsen. The aging population in the United States is the cause of this demand. In 2030, U.S. According to the Census Bureau, 20% of the population will be retired. So, there would be a greater need for geriatric specialists. More geriatric nurses will be needed to care for a Baby Boomer population that is aging and in need of medical attention. By earning their certification in Geriatric Care Management, new nurses joining the industry in 2023 may want to be at the forefront of this highly sought-after specialty (Carson-Newman University Online, 2022).

The demand for nurses with technological expertise is another anticipated development for 2023. With the COVID-19 pandemic, technological advancements and reliance on technology have accelerated. The wearable medical device market will continue to grow in importance as the telehealth sector develops. Nurses’ adoption of technologically advanced tools will continue as they look to become more effective.

Timelines for Immigration

From job offer acceptance to arrival in the United States, the average immigration schedule for foreign R.N.s is 12-18 months. Since each immigration case is unique and circumstances vary for everyone, this schedule is subject to change as numerous government offices are engaged in the process and are understaffed, causing processing delays. The good news is that foreign nurses are increasingly coming to the United States, significantly affecting the lives of nurses, their families, and the overall American healthcare system… one nurse at a time.

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