1. Initial meeting with employer key staff -CEO, CNO, Nursing Director and Human Resource person who will serve the primary contact with the recruiter.
2. Zoom meeting with the immigration lawyer to explain available visa for nurses. 3. Hospital and Facility tour (Recruiters)
4. List of positions needed to fill up (To be provided by employer – HR and CNO or nurse director)
5. Compensation package and benefits to offer: (HR / CNO/CEO)

  •         Local Nurses currently working in USA
  •         Foreign Nurses
6. Available resources that recruiter can use to promote the Hospital / Employer – adverting video, highlights on employer, the whys etc..


Before filing the petition with USCIS, the company must get a valid prevailing wage determination from the DOL’s National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC). The prevailing wage decision guarantees that the wages provided to the beneficiary are equivalent to the salaries available for comparable positions in the location where the employment offer exists prior to the petitioner filing the petition.

Recruitment for Foreign Nurses

The research phase is a systematic strategy to mapping the possible talent pool. Our recruiters will network with your rivals, peer groups, projects, regions, and nationalities. They will thoroughly investigate our existing industry contacts and use business networking media as well as sector-specific news and periodicals to produce a map of the talent pool available to OUR CLIENT. We have a strong non-solicitation agreement with all of our clients.

Define and execute the best advertising campaign.

  • Creation of a specific website – about the recruiting process and the employer – where candidates and recruiters can upload a resume.
  • Identify social media platform – Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, community websites, Filipino Newspapers, mass email, etc. 
  • Identify local communities where Filipino nurses reside – these are nurses with no documentation, came here with temporary Visas or illegally, and or have relatives in the country temporarily as a tourist looking for a job. 
  • Identify large communities of Nurses for a visit and job fair in the USA.
  • Schedule tentative dates for Traveling abroad to do a job fair.

Interview and Selection

  • Our Director of Nurse Recruitment will shortlist applicants, interview them, and match them against job openings. Communicate with the employer (HR or Director or Nursing, Nurse manager Etc.) and determine qualified applicants – an interview with a foreign nurse can be arranged via Zoom.
  • Select applicant for the immigration process:

I-140 application forms will be filled up, and All documents will be collected by staff in the Philippines and FedEx to USA Immigration Lawyer. Each applicant will have to sign A separate agreement for the immigration petition. Should the applicant back out their application, they should be liable for the filing fees and other expenses. 

  • Monitor process and feedback from USCIS.

VISA Approval and Deployment

  • Our staff in Manila will arrange for accommodation and/or necessary logistics for an interview with the US embassy – Generally, the applicants are briefed on their employment in the USA – employer, the salary offered, etc.
  • Once VISA is approved and the documents are ready for departure – our staff will arrange their flights and coordinate with the USA employer on their Arrival dates – we prefer to process in batches of 10 or fewer, so it is easy for the logistics and preparation. 
  • A week before arrival, our staff will provide a one-day orientation about life in the USA, their rights and basic laws, income tax, etc.
  • Arrival -our US staff will meet the Nurses and take them to their apartments

a. Arrange for trips to SSS office, banks, CPR and other required documents before their first day of work.
b. Hospital Orientation – the employer must include a day of orientation – for general practice, basic procedures, and hospital equipment – this has to be done by a staff which is an experienced USA nurse and has worked in the Philippine hospital environment as well – (there are quite a few accepted practices by the nurses in the Philippines that is not allowed in USA.).

Accommodation and Travel arrangement from to Work as well as their weekly grocery and church will be provided by the recruiter for a month. The recruiter with the cooperation of the employer will work out best process and available resources. 

Signed a contract of employment:  All nurses will have to sign a contract of employment (this is specially mentioned in their agreement earlier sign for Green Card Petition – Upon arrival, they need to sign the agreement.)

Monitoring Nurses: During the first six months, the recruiter will stay in close touch with the nurses to make sure they are happy and have all their questions answered.

Our mission at JV Global is to provide the best care and outstanding service to all of our patients and clients.

We have been fortunate throughout the years to bring hundreds of international nurses and assist them in realizing their ambition of working and living in the United States.

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