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Timeline of the Process

Our immigration process is simple.

Step One

Talk to us

Talk to one of our international recruiters about the JV Global Nurses program and get qualified. Your American dream is just a step away!

Step Two


When you join our program, you will be assigned an International Program Associate (IPA) who will guide you through the paperwork required to file your visa petition.

Step Three

Legal analysis

Before submitting your visa petition to USCIS, our legal team will thoroughly analyze your paperwork. We’re getting there!

Step Four

You have been approved

When your petition is approved by USCIS, you get a priority date. This date shows your “place in line” to get your visa.

Step Five

New collaboration

When you are approved, your IPA will assign you to an International Deployment Advocate (IDA) who will guide you through the rest of the process.

Step Six

Collect documents

Your IDA will assist you in gathering the necessary paperwork for the National Visa Center (NVC), which will be submitted on your behalf by our legal team. It’s starting to get exciting!

Step Seven

Obtain credentials

We provide you with a list of credentials necessary to work as a healthcare professional in the United States, as well as assistance with immigration, assignment selection, and embassy interview preparation.

Step Eight

Visa fee bills

After payment of fees and submission of NVC documentation, the NVC evaluates your case and determines that you are “documentarily qualified.” You are now eligible for an interview at the embassy!

Step Nine

Interview and assignment

We will start presenting your resume to our clients that have openings that match your qualifications. The duration of this interview procedure varies for each individual based on customer requirements and your expertise.

Step Ten

You're chosen.

After completing a successful interview with one of our client facilities, you will receive a job offer confirming your assignment location.

Step Eleven

Embassy appointment

At your embassy appointment, you will be informed of the approval of your US visa. Your arrival date in the United States will be determined once your credentials, state licensure, and available orientation dates have been completed.

Step Twelve

Welcome to the USA!

You’ve accomplished your goal! Organizing transportation, lodging, flight logistics, and deployment with the JV Global team is sure to be a thrilling experience. You’ve achieved your #AmericanDream, and we congratulate you!

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